GF chocolate chip or oatmeal chocolate chip buttercream sandwiches - 6 for $18

GF plain banana mini loaves - 9 for $25

GF chocolate chip banana mini loaves - 9 for $27

GF powdered sugar brownie cupcakes - 12 for $24  (can substitute coconut oil for milk, for dairy free option)

GF brownie cupcakes with buttercream frosting - 12 for $36

GF wild blueberry muffins - 12 for $30 (seasonal)

If you have an Instagram account you can look us up @grassfedgals and see some of the pictures we have posted, otherwise we have Grass Fed Gals on Facebook and have posted several things.

We request a minimum of at least a week ahead of time for everything except the banana bread we request 2 weeks in case we don't have bananas and have to purchase in order for them to ripen properly.  We only use organic fruits (bananas/blueberries) as well as grass fed milks, butters, and eggs.  The GF Brownie cupcakes can be made using coconut oil instead of butter should you want to be dairy free as well.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions!

~ Liz & Emily